Amber Kalyna Necklace, yellow gold
Amber Kalyna Necklace, yellow gold

Amber Kalyna Necklace, yellow gold

SKU: SDK 04/18K
Material yellow gold (18k)
Weight ~9 g
Gemstone amber
Details & Care

Embrace the essence of heritage with our SPADOK Collection necklace, a fusion of yellow gold beads and the warm glow of amber. The centerpiece, a pendant artfully shaped into a viburnum and stitched with a red thread, symbolizes the enduring spirit of Ukrainian legacy, reinterpreted with a contemporary touch. This piece isn’t just jewelry; it’s a living narrative of traditions passed down through generations, each carrying a unique energy. Wearing it is a celebration of our rich history, brought to life with modern elegance and a connection to the past that feels both intimate and profound.

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