freedom Collection

FREEDOM is the first Guzema collection born amidst the full-scale russian invasion. Released in April 2022, it signifies our unwavering hope for the future of our homeland, and unites those around the world who stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Over the past two years, our collective efforts as a brand have focused on raising funds and providing crucial support to those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In the Freedom collection, we seamlessly blend gold with textile elements and gemstones in the symbolic hues of yellow and blue, echoing the spirit of freedom that resonates deeply within every Ukrainian. The range features a heart pendant delicately strung on silk strings, bracelets on thread with a trident, and ‘Be Brave Like Ukraine’ engraving, as well as gemstone rubber rings.

These delicate symbolic pieces serve as a tangible connection, uniting people from around the globe with Ukraine, with all proceeds from sales directly benefiting the Guzema Foundation which helps to fund the defense of Ukraine and provide necessary items to our soldiers in the field of battle. With every purchase, you become a vital contributor to this noble cause.

Together, we stand strong – united in our commitment to bring hope, strength, and solidarity to Ukraine and its people.

“freedom has two
colors – yellow and blue.”
What’s just right for you
Mini Heart Pendant
white gold
Trident Bracelet
white gold