Spadok Collection

Jewelry, handed down through generations, carries a unique energy and story-telling spirit. In creating the SPADOK collection, we drew inspiration from the heritage left by our Ukrainian ancestors – the distinctive art of embroidery and the symbol of our homeland and hearth – the viburnum flower. We combine these elements with natural precious materials to produce beautiful and unusual jewelry designs.

The pixelated designs of the jewels reflect the cross-stitch patterns in the Ukrainian fighters’ military uniforms, serving as a reminder of the ongoing defense of Ukraine and the ongoing struggle for independence.

An exquisite jewelry ensemble, SPADOK features necklaces, brooches and petite earrings meticulously crafted from coral, amber, and blue bamboo for a touch of refined sophistication. Adorned with golden pendants, these pieces showcase the timeless elegance of viburnum clusters, intricately embroidered with red cross-stitch threads. The collection also includes the iconic “flat” shaped necklaces with the empowering engraving “Вільна,” translating to “free” in Ukrainian.

“our aspiration is for these
pieces to become a true
heritage for Ukrainian women,
passed down to their children.”
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Amber Earrings
white gold
Coral Kalyna Necklace
yellow gold