Our journey began with the Charity Chain in 2017, a collaboration with Masha Efrosinina that not only adorned our clients but also stitched hope into the lives of children with heart defects. Together, we have raised over $169,000, funding life-saving surgeries and lighting up futures.

In 2019, we celebrated women’s unity with the Inspirement Chain, a symbol of empowerment crafted in partnership with the ‘I Can!’ project of the Olena Pinchuk Foundation. This necklace in the form of two hands holding together is a symbol of support, hope and faith above all. Every purchase uplifts women-led projects, fostering a culture of support and sisterhood.

In the spring of 2022, the patriotic charity jewelry collection Freedom was born, combining bright national motifs and a clear socially responsible position: to this day, all profits from the sale of the capsule are donated monthly to the Guzema Foundation.

In 2023 we have teamed up with the Ukrainian School of Political Studies (USPS) to create a new KVITKA charitable drop. Inspired by cultural heritage and embodiment of new meanings, the brooch was designed based on the work of the Ukrainian artist Heorhii Narbut. The proceeds are directed to the “You are important” educational program launched by the USPS. Its participants are servicewomen and veterans who seek to take an active part in social and political processes, realize themselves in the field of public administration and public service.

The birth of the Guzema Foundation in 2021 marked a new chapter in our charity journey, dedicated to uplifting the children at the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital and supporting our community in times of need. When the russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine started in 2022, we stood firm, extending our hands to our brave soldiers and those affected by war, symbolized by our patriotic Freedom collection, worn proudly by icons and patriots alike.

Support Foundation

At Guzema Fine Jewelry, our story is woven with threads of compassion, each piece reflecting our commitment to illuminate lives beyond fashion and beauty. From the very beginning, we have embraced the art of giving, channeling our passion into meaningful initiatives that resonate deeply with our ethos, centering on kindness and compassion.

Our commitment to making a difference knows no bounds. From crafting exclusive charity pieces to partnering with esteemed organizations like Lancôme Ukraine, we are driven by a shared vision of a safer, happier world. In 2023, we were deeply humbled to receive the Vogue Talent Prize for our unwavering dedication to social impact.

Join us in our journey of heart, hope, and healing. Together, let’s continue to shine bright, lighting up lives with every sparkle and with every act of kindness. Thank you for being part of our story.