A letter to our customer 

Guzema was created to represent far more than just exquisite fine jewelry. We have a passion for hand crafting luxurious designs that inspire you to celebrate your individuality and commemorate your most precious life moments. We take pride in creating ultra high quality pieces, with sustainably sourced precious metals and natural stones, that are handcrafted to leave a legacy and yet priced so you can treat yourself often.

In 2016, from the heart of Ukraine, Guzema started with little more than the dream of success, the passion to create something unique and the gold teeth of Valeriya’s grandfather…  no seriously, we didn’t have much more than a few dollars, a burning desire to build our own company, and some gold teeth passed down from Valeriya’s family. So, we melted them down and made our first pieces of jewelry to show the world what we could do!

Our designs 

Throughout our collections, every detail is intentionally chosen to tell a story or to be a part of yours. We are meticulous about quality and finding the beauty in the rarest of shapes and forms. So much so, it took us two years to develop our signature earring back. A piece of art in and of itself. Led by the visionary Valeriya Guzema, our designs symbolize empowerment and unapologetic authenticity.

With more than 50 collections over 8 years, Guzema has been celebrated around the world and adored by those looking for jewelry that makes a statement and expresses their individuality. The Classic Collection, Guzema’s debut collection, continues to be a favorite among all clients, reflecting the timelessness of the designs and the brand’s uniqueness in the world of fine jewelry.

Our quality 

It is essential to us that every piece be made with the utmost attention to detail and the very finest materials. As we create new designs, we wear each piece for at least a few months to test its durability, comfortability and ensure we will love it forever. We believe quality is better than quantity.

Being mindful of the global environmental crisis, it is important to invest in fewer nicer things that will last a lifetime, instead of buying fast fashion that breaks, tarnishes, and is eventually thrown away. This is why we chose high grade materials that will remain just as elegant the day it is passed on to future generations. We do our best to make the least impact on the environment and to bring the most we can to the communities we touch.

Our legacy 

We believe jewelry is more than an accessory, it is a piece of one’s legacy. Your personal collection of jewelry will tell a story to future generations and continue to connect loved ones for generations to come. This truly inspires us to take Guzema to the next level.

Your legacy is our legacy.

Our mission and purpose have transformed over the years and due to the war in Ukraine, we are more committed than ever to shining a spotlight on Ukraine and bringing hope and inspiration to the world.

From the bottom of our hearts,
we thank you for your support, 

 Guzema Fine Jewelry

Aesthetics Quality Craftmanship Freedom

As fashion editor at Elle Magazine, Valeriya had access to everything from renown designers to the great style houses, exclusive boutiques, and more. She found herself searched for jewelry that felt unique and authentic to her style but couldn’t find pieces that made her feel special and yet have an edge. She wanted to design them herself.
This is how the first Classic Collection was born. With the encouragement of her friends and family who loved her designs, she was inspired to turn her passion into a business.

From the very start, Guzema has been led by passion and purpose. Our first boutique was opened in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, and we soon launched our first charity project – the Charity Chain – along with a namesake collection of gold necklaces. We donate all proceeds from the sales of this chains to the Your Support (“Твоя опора”) foundation to help save children born with rare heart diseases. Guzema was honored with the Best Startup award at Elle Style Awards.

Valeriya Guzema crafted her first  diamond collection with natural, high-quality gemstones that are sustainably sourced. All suppliers for Guzema Fine Jewelry are deeply vetted and professionally verified to ensure they are of the finest quality and do not engage in the trade of conflict diamonds.
Guzema took its collections to the runway and made a splash at LA Fashion Week. The brand was also nominated for the “Best Accessories Brand” at the Best Fashion Awards in Ukraine, a prestigious award for significant achievements in Ukraine’s fashion industry.

Guzema moved to a new larger boutique in Kyiv and released the second charity piece – the Inspirement Chain necklace, created in collaboration with the Yes, I Can (“Я Зможу!”) project of Olena Pinchuk Foundation. Funds raised contributed to the support and development of female led community projects.
This same year, a limited jewelry edition design, created in collaboration with the renowned Ukrainian artist Monatik, won the award for best Fashion Collaboration at the Elle Style Awards.

Guzema gave birth to its first children’s jewelry collection, Petit, featuring delicate designs with semi-precious stones. We began exploring vibrant colors to bring a playful essence to luxury.
Our lead designer, Valeriya Guzema, received the Thought Leader award at the Elle Style Awards and was named one of the “Top 30 Under 30” list by Kyiv Post, the leading Ukrainian media.
This same year the Guzema boutique tragically burned down, but the Guzema team didn’t let this stop them. They found the silver lining and rebuilt the space to provide an elevated experience and new chapter for the company.

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, Guzema Fine Jewelry released the Guzema Artistry Photobook, a collaboration among seven teams of Ukrainian artists that each captured Guzema through the prism of their perspective.
The Guzema Foundation was established and began by supporting 70 children receiving heart treatments at the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital.
The same year, we launched our first eco-initiative, “USE LESS”, as a commitment to sustainability. Our customers returned their Guzema boxes for recycling or proper disposal. This initiative has significantly reduced our packaging production volume.

Following the heartbreak of the full-scale attack on Ukraine by russia in 2022, the Guzema Foundation expanded its efforts to support the Ukrainian army and civilians affected by the occupation.
The Freedom Collection was released to symbolize our unwavering hope for the future of Ukraine, to unite those around the world who stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and continue driving donations to support Ukrainian soldiers.
In order to thrive and bring more support back to our incredible home country, Guzema began exploring expansion into international markets, beginning with Europe and North American.

With a mission to keep hope alive, Guzema opened another flagship boutique in Kyiv.
The MOЇ Collection was released to highlight the richness of the Ukrainian language. “ ï “ is a unique letter and a symbol of our passion for the essence of Ukrainian culture. We brought together a unique group of 24 Ukrainian poets, artists, volunteers, and more, each sharing personal stories highlighting the language’s impact.
By the end of 2023, Guzema released its first aviation inspired collection “Vi Levare”, for those who seek a bold and edgy look. This collection speaks to the vastness of possibilities in the sky, the genuine allure of dreams and the tenacity one must endure to make those dreams a reality. The unique collaboration between Aerotim and Valeriya Guzema led to a one-of-a-kind look that embodies the power one feels before taking flight and reaching new heights.

Gem jewelry

Nestled in the heart of Kyiv, our Guzema Design Center and Production Facility fuse tradition with innovation. Established in 2016, our workshop stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

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“When I made my first collection, I could never have imagined that it would turn into a business, that I would leave journalism. And then everything happened very quickly. At a certain point, I realized that my own passion for jewelry had become my life’s work.”

Valeriya Guzema