baby bell Collection

Crafted for expecting mothers and those yearning for motherhood, the Baby Bell collection draws inspiration from the sacred Mayan tradition of the ‘angel caller’ amulet. Believed to summon a guardian angel to safeguard the unborn child, this pendant symbolizes the unseen bond between mother and baby that grows stronger every day. Fashioned in glowing gold and suspended delicately on a matching chain, it captures the essence of waiting.

As the pendant rolls gently upon the belly in harmony with your own heartbeat, a gentle, soothing chime emerges from the tiny golden sphere within, honoring the serene wait for a new life.

With each movement, Baby Bell nurtures the unspoken language shared between mother and baby, creating a cherished bond that transcends words. Once the baby arrives, the familiar sound of the pendant will provide solace to the newborn, evoking a sense of familiarity and protection.

Every Baby Bell piece is designed with boundless love, inspired by the miracle of a new life, capturing the delicate beauty and profound intimacy of a very special time.

“It is a radiant symbol of the
unbreakable bond between a
mother’s heart and her child.”
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Baby Bell Necklace
yellow gold