Classic collection

The Classic collection was the Guzema debut collection. It continues to be a favorite through the years, symbolizing the timelessness of our designs and our unique point of view in the world of fine jewelry. These pieces encompass the epitome of Guzema brand DNA – be you, feel special.

Delicate creations crafted in your choice of white of yellow gold feature our signature elements – polished orbs and flats.These forms create a zesty interplay of light. Bold, yet delicate, our Classic jewelry is a luminous reflection of your inner sparkle.

Perfectly balancing grace with sensuality, each item is crafted to cherish the timeless beauty that resides inside of every woman.The sleek contours merge minimalist aesthetics with a bold statement of style. These are pieces that speak of confidence and strength.

With more than 50 collections over 8 years, Guzema Fine Jewelry has been celebrated around the world and adorned by those looking for pieces of jewelry that inspire them to express their individuality and make a statement.

Embrace the exquisite craftsmanship, and let your inner shine radiate.

“Marrying elegance with
allure, each creation
meticulously honors timeless
What’s just right for you
Arc Bracelet
white gold
Big pin
white gold