Make a Wish Bracelet, white gold
Make a Wish Bracelet, white gold

Make a Wish Bracelet, white gold

SKU: MW 05/18K
Weight ~2 g
Material white gold (18k), rope
Color White
make a hint
Details & Care

It’s a thread connecting you to your deepest wishes, now reimagined into something timeless.
This Golden Arc Bracelet from our Classic Collection transforms the traditional symbol of hope, the red thread, into a delicate curve of yellow gold that sits gracefully on your wrist. Each time it catches the light, consider it a little reminder that your dreams are valid and on their way to becoming your reality. Crafted with the intention to be a daily companion, this piece isn’t just an accessory; it’s a wearable whisper to the universe, aligning your dreams with the stars. Let this bracelet be your elegant nudge to believe in the beauty of your aspirations.

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