Dynamic Heart Bracelet, white gold
Dynamic Heart Bracelet, white gold

Dynamic Heart Bracelet, white gold

SKU: LEC 143/18K
Weight ~5 g
Material white gold (18k)
Gemstone diamond, 0.271 ct. VVS D/E
Details & Care

Grace and subtlety come alive in the Highlights collection’s exquisite white gold bracelet.
A strand of delicate, white gold beads, each catching the light and twinkling like a distant star. At the heart of this piece lies a shimmering diamond heart, set to glide along a petite diamond path, offering a delightful play of light with every movement of your wrist.
The moving heart not only embodies your ever-evolving journey but also serves as a gentle reminder of the love and light you carry within. Designed not just to adorn but to celebrate the remarkable person you are.

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