kvitka Collection

The KVITKA collection is a particularly special charitable piece created in collaboration with the Ukrainian School of Political Studies.

Inspired by cultural heritage and embodiment of new meanings, the brooch was designed based on the work of the Ukrainian graphic artist Heorhii Narbut.

In this piece, the team symbolically refers to the historical heritage of Ukraine and finds new meanings in ancient concepts. We are an extension of our roots. And similar to trees, roots give us power to stand strong and express who we truly are.

Guzema Fine Jewelry strives for this power to be felt by each of 62,000 women defending our country, writing Ukraine’s contemporary history, and fighting for our independence every single day. Our mission is to help them reintegrate into social life through the acquisition of new knowledge and the confidence that they are capable of leadership and new challenges.

The proceeds from the sales of the Kvitka brooch are directed to the “You are important” educational program launched by the Ukrainian School of Political Studies. Its participants are servicewomen and veterans who seek to take an active part in social and political processes, realize themselves in the field of public administration and public service, or see themselves in leadership positions in other areas.

“It  is a reminder of the beauty
in giving, the strength of
unity, and the endless
potential within every woman.”
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