Privacy policy

LLC “KEEPSAKE” (RNOKPP 451920026552) (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) appreciates Users/Visitors of (hereinafter referred to as the Website), respects their right to privacy and confidentiality and understands the importance of protection of personal data collected.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is a publicly available document establishing and regulating the following:

- procedure for collecting and processing personal data;

- procedure for using information/data submitted by Users/Buyers;

- procedure for using resources and features of the Website;

- procedure for interacting with third parties;

- procedure for accessing personal data, protection of personal data.


By using the Website, User/Buyer agrees with Seller’s terms and conditions of the privacy policy.


Should any amendments be made in this Policy, this will be clearly and expressly reported on the Website, and such amendments will take effect immediately after being published on the Website.



Types and methods of information collection

The Seller is the holder and manager of personal data of Users/Buyers.


Personal data of Users/Buyers is collected in the following ways:

- by conscious and voluntary submitting of information by Users/Buyers when making up an Order on the Website and/or by email correspondence;

- by conscious and voluntary submitting of information by Users/Buyers when completing necessary forms (including registration forms) designed by the Seller for participation in promotional campaigns, polls etc.


As a result of such actions, Users/Buyers can submit to the Seller the following information:

- first name, patronymic, second name;

- e-mail address;

- mobile and/or home phone numbers, including Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp messenger numbers;

- date of birth;

- address.


In some cases, the following information can be submitted:

- information on interest in a certain product;

- information on made up/paid Orders, delivery/self-delivery of such Orders;

- feedback in form of reviews and/or suggestions.


Note that when you use the Website the following information from devices used by Users/Buyers to access the Website can be collected and processed:

- cookies, data received when processing requests and comments/reviews, geographical location of user device;

- type of device use by a User/Buyer to access the Website;

- operating system installed on used device;

- browser used on used device.


Taking into account that the Seller collects Website visiting statistics, information on Website visiting date/time and session (visit) length can be collected.



The purpose of collecting and using information

Information is collected for:

- making up, processing, reserving, delivering Orders;

- Website Users/Buyers service quality evaluation;

- giving Users/Buyers up-to-date information on Products, special offers, campaigns, Product sale locations;

- notification on Product arrival/availability;

- content updating, content quality improvement;

- improving the effectiveness of User/Buyer - Website interaction;

- giving replies to Users/Buyers’ requests (including complaints and suggestions).


Information is processed in compliance with the current Ukrainian law.


Transfer of information to third parties

The Seller does not transfer to third parties any information provided by you, except as expressly provided for in the current Ukrainian law and required for the fulfillment of the Public Offer Agreement.


Information retention period

Information provided by Users/Buyers will be stored within the period required for the attainment of the objective specified in this Privacy policy or within the period required by the Ukrainian law.


Users/Buyers’ rights

Users/Buyers have the following rights:

  • to know how the information they have provided is stored, processed and used;

  • to update and/or supplement personal information;

  • to require correction of any errors in their personal data;

  • to require depersonalization of their personal data;

  • to limit processing of their personal data and to refuse from promo mailing lists;

  • to forward a request for a copy of their user data stored by the Seller (information will be provided after proof of identity*);

  • to withdraw agreement to processing of their personal data.


If you wish to use either of the rights listed above, please send us a request letter to [email protected].

* To avoid violations and unlawful use of your personal data by third parties, please provide proof of your identity before sending a request.


Personal data protection

In order to protect personal data, the Seller takes technical, administrative and organizational steps and uses common standards for information protection.

The Seller makes confidentiality agreements with employees and contractors that provide for sanctions for their violation.

The Seller undertakes to refrain from collecting, using and disclosing personal data, except as provided by this Privacy policy and the current Ukrainian law.

The Seller provides no guarantee of absolute protection of personal data from threats that can emerge beyond Seller’s regulation.



Сookie usage

Website uses cookie technology.

Users/Buyers may themselves change browser settings and refuse from saving cookies.

Note that disabling cookies can cause limited access to Website content.


Buyers use services owned by third parties such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Analytics etc.


Such companies can use cookie files on Users/Buyers’ devices during Website visit.


The Seller can not influence on how cookie files from such services work. You can read the cookie file usage terms on the respective websites.


The Seller does not sell or distribute (including open access) information on Users/Buyers received through cookie files.


For persons under 18

We care about protecting personal privacy, especially for persons under 18. If you are under 18: please, first get a permit from your parents/guardians each time you submit your personal data and any personal information.


Contact us

To contact the Seller for any details on the privacy policy, please use on of the following:

Email: [email protected].

Mailing address: 01133, Kyiv, 26a Yevhena Konovaltsia st.



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